How Music Helps Us Heal

How Music Helps Us Heal
         Isn't it crazy how a simple melody and a few lyrics can turn into a whole song that can change someone's life? I love that song-writing usually stems from a therapeutic stand-point for the writer themselves. To pour out their experiences and emotions, to say what their simple words could never say. To create a masterpiece in itself.
          I bet when an artist writes a song, they have no idea how much of an impact it'll have on thousands- even millions- of people. I find it beautiful how a process that helps yourself heal, can also help someone else heal when the product is finished. I'm sure if I asked you of a song that helped you through a real difficult time in your life, you could think of one right now. What would it be? 
          For myself, it'd be "Hold on Till May" by Pierce the Veil. From the start of the song, 
"She sits up high surrounded by the sun
One million branches and she loves every one.
"Mom and dad, did you search for me?
I've been up here so long I'm going crazy" 
        It shines light on how we can see the simplistic beauties of life and love, but yet still feel so lonely inside. It relates to those who feel like life has put them through too many storms, who are beginning to feel that they cannot take anymore. They write, 
"I know what it's like to feel burned out."
It gets you down
We've all been there sometimes."
There's just something that's so comforting with knowing you're not alone. Because in times of depression and pain its easy to feel isolated and alone in the way we feel. To feel like we're crazy for feeling the way we do, but music proves we're not.
         We all struggle, we all hurt, we all go through our own traumas. And I've definitely learned myself its okay to accept help, and to share your story. Just remember: through pain comes perseverance. Nothing we go through is ever in vain. Through sharing our story whether it be in song, a video, a podcast, or even face to face (though its difficult in these trying times), we can do for each other what music has done for us: connect, be vulnerable, and help one another heal. We got this. 

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  • Andrea Olsen
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